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Remembrance Day - 2021

Remembrance Day is an unforgettable, sorrowful day. Remembrance Day marks the men and women that have fought and died to keep our country free. On November 11, 1918, World War 1 ended. It was a tragedy knowing your loved ones passed away. This day is held every 11th month on the 11th date and at 11 am. It was detected by the British Commonwealth and originally called Armistice Day. To honour Remembrance Day, a few things are held. We honour this day by having a moment of silence to respect the lives lost in all conflicts from World War One. We also wear a red poppy. A red poppy symbolizes a lot about this day. Red poppies are worn on Remembrance Day to signify recognition and commemoration of sorrow and pride. It is also related to the people who lost their loved ones. Poppies grew in Flanders Field and are more commonly called corn poppies. To summarize everything that has been stated, Remembrance Day honours the men and women who sacrificed their lives for us, where is why we have a moment of silence and wear a red poppy.

Written By: Ekroop (Grade 6)

Buckam Singh was an early pioneer who came in a boat to Canada.Buckam Singh came to Canada being one of the few who made it past the racist immigration policies, but despite that Buckam Singh was willing to fight for Canada. Buckam Singh joined the Canadian army in 1914 at the age of 21. Buckam Singh was recruited to the Canadian army in 1914 in the month of August. The training camp was near Quebéc City. Buckam Singh served for Canada for 3 years in WW1. Buckam Singh was wounded many times while serving in combat for 3 years, specifically in 1916 he was wounded the most. After being sent away due to being wounded a year later Buckam Singh died in a military hospital (Freeport). To summarize Buckam Singh, Buckam Singh was not only important to Canadian History, but was also important to Canadian Sikh History.

Written By: Sahibdeep (Grade 6)

There are many things we do to celebrate Remembrance Day like wear a poppy, have 2 minutes of silence, or go to a gathering near a cenotaph. Firstly, we wear red poppies to remember the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us. We wear poppies because on Flanders Fields red poppies had bloomed, so poppies became the sign of Remembrance Day. Poppies are made differently all over the world. For example in Canada, poppies have four petals, with a black centre, and with a single pin. Secondly, we have two minutes of silence to thank the soldiers who fought during WW1 (World War One), and soldiers who continue to serve Canada today. The 2 minutes of silence happens every Remembrance Day at 11 o’clock. This tradition began in 1919 and continues to be carried on today. Thirdly, many ceremonies are held to respect those who served during The Great War. During some of these ceremonies people lay wreaths on cenotaphs where most of the gatherings take place. At the end, we do all this to remember and thank the soldiers, it was for them that we live in a peaceful environment today. Written By: Aseem (Grade 6)

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