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Khalsa School Malton

Khalsa School Malton

Khalsa School Malton is a Sikh private school in Mississauga, Ontario. It has grown tremendously since the opening of the school in September 2011. It is a fully accredited Sikh Religious school. The school has been issued a BSID number and is listed as s private Elementary/Secondary on the Ontario Ministry of Education’s website.

Children at KSM learn the importance of their own cultural, religious, and ancestral backgrounds to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and other communities. Your children will gain a meaningful understanding about Sikh identity, philosophy, and practice. We provide a nurturing environment in which your child will understand how to follow and embrace Sikhi while living and excelling in Canadian society. We respect the beliefs of all other religions and welcome children and teaching faculty of all faiths and backgrounds.

Our school is associated with Sri Guru Singh Sabha Malton, a religious institution that supports the implementation of the Ontario Curriculum, Kirtan, Punjabi and Sikh Religious Studies.  Students receive an excellent academic education by qualified teaching faculty.  

M.Singh, Principal

Goals And Guiding Philosphy

Khalsa School Malton

At Khalsa School Malton, we aspire to the following Goals and Guiding Philosphy:

  • Building a strong community based on the Sikh values of equality, equity, honour, social responsibility, and morality.​

  • Helping students attain their highest potential through maintaining the highest standards of teaching and learning.

  • Developing self-esteem, confidence, and good citizenship in students.

  • Strengthening the bonds between home, community, and school.

  • Follow the three fundamental principles of Sikhism:

         –NaamJapna: Remembering God through meditation.

         –VandChakko: Selflessly serving others and sharing income                                    and resources.

         –KirtKaro: Earning an honest living.

  • Acceptance of diverse faiths, beliefs, cultures, and worldviews.

  • Providing a welcoming, supportive and stimulating environment within a safe, clean and healthy living setting.

  • Developing students’ critical literacy, numeracy, verbal and oral communication, and leadership skills.

  • Recognizing the contributions/achievements of parents, staff, community and students at Monthly Awards Assembly.

  • Communicating the progress of students’ learning regularly through “Meet the Teachers” on the last Thursday of each month.

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